Two & a half PLANT!

“Two & a half PLANT!” is a project commentary on the life cycle of a culinary herb. The objective is to reconnect people with traditional agricultural processes that have been restrained as a result of urban lifestyle. The final product aspires to link users to the growing process, from sow to consumption, promising a complete experience.

“Two & a half PLANT!” is a set of the following objects:  A handful of seeds embodied inside a clod of soil, a ceramic pot and a porcelain container for the herb’s dehydration. All parts are complementary to each other creating an interaction with the user who experiences the process of cultivation step by step, as each part indicates: After breaking the clod of soil containing the seeds, and filling the ceramic pot with it, the user has the opportunity to grow his own herbs and, if desired, to dehydrate fresh-cut herb sticks safely inside the porcelain container.

The chosen materials (soil clod, clay, porcelain) imply a symbolic analogy to the stages of the plant’s growth (seed, grown plant, dehydrated plant) reflecting a correlation between them and the processing steps.

“Two and a half plant” aims to introduce the users to the circle of life of an edible plant (planting, cultivation, dehydration) via their interaction with its parts: the soil lump, the ceramic pot and the porcelain container.

A handful of seeds is embodied inside a clod of soil
break the clod of soil...

fill in the pot and disperse the seeds
spout for watering
self-watering system
details of the porcelain dehydration container

presentation boards

design team

Boutou Anna | Architect
Papadimitraki Pinelopi | Architect
Tsaroucha Sevi | Agriculturist
Charizani Dimitra | Artist


photos: Stefanos Tsakiris

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