Fragrant blast

The main purpose of Fragrant Blast is to connect the world of agriculture with the everyday life of the citizen, via the practice of microgreens cultivation. It is scientifically proven that, since small plants should be taken care of on a daily basis, they help towards lowering stress levels and establishing a healthier emotional state of the user.

Fragrant Blast is designed to be a small multipurpose furniture, a part of which was later designed as a set of independent cultivation pots. Suitable of indoor or outdoor use, the can either be placed on horizontal surfaces, or be hanged on vertical ones.

The plants emerge from the main surface of the containers, forming them as if a small explosion had taken place. They interact playfully with the user because, besides the basic care that the plant requires, one can change their place them like in a puzzle, forming new relations between the parts.

presentation boards

design team

Bozi Maria | Architect
Stathoulopoulos Dimitris | Architect
Toula Marina | Artist
Choulioumis Stefanos | Agriculturist

photos: Stefanos Tsakiris

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