seed box

The “seed box” wishes to unfold the multiple functional potentials of just a single box, providing users the opportunity to develop a domestic garden. “Seed box” constitutes a compact kit that offers a complete experience of a plant’s life.

The top of the “kit” works also as a restrain tank. While removing the top of the wooden box, users are confronted with a set of objects that immediately create a feeling of interaction; a small transplanting trowel designed as a primitive archetype, seed-dispensers, compressed soil and instructions for proper plant care.  The main container divided in five equal space intervals is ready to house the potential plants. After properly preparing the seedbed in each sector, by placing and moisturizing the soil, users can proceed with sowing assisted by the seed-dispensers. These drop the necessary amount of seeds in order to achieve the best yield and can also be used to store the seeds that derive from the grown plants.

The whole kit is carefully designed to support the original intention of the concept: to recall an intimate setting of a forgotten experience.

presentation boards

design team

Arletou Eleni | Architect
Vangeli Sofia | Artist
Tamiolaki Danai | Architect
Chatzikyrou Maria - Myrto | Agriculturist

photos: Stefanos Tsakiris

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