plant illuminant

“Plant illuminant” is inspired by the shape diversity and singularity of pumpkins. The project wishes to arouse the user’s creativity through modifying raw material into a ceiling illuminant, involving users with the design process.

The concept aims to fascinate users by providing them the opportunity to own a unique illuminant. The final object is designed to be available in two different ways. In the first case the package includes a ready-made illuminant, consisting of a cable, a base for ceiling mounting, an electric outlet and a lamp. In the second case the package additionally includes a leaflet with information on pumpkin cultivation and desiccation, as well as pumpkin seeds, while the body of the illuminant is omitted. This way, users can find all necessary instructions and a series of illustrated patterns as an inspiration guide on the included manual.

Through this process users witness the gradual formation of a 100% customized product. From sowing to the final product “plant illuminant” reminds us of nature’s particularity, motivating one’s unique creativity to impress upon a design object.

you can either buy the pumpkin illuminant ready-made...

...or go for the "plant illuminant" kit
containing a cable, a base for ceiling mounting, an electric outlet, a lamp and pumpkin seeds... a users manual to guide you through the pumpkin plant process in order to create your own unique illuminant 

presentation boards

design team

Gkimizoudi Katerina | Architect
Kaplani Evanthia | Agriculturist
Moudiotis Alexandros | Artist
Soulioti Olga | Architect

photos: Stefanos Tsakiris

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