plan[t] your days

The idea behind the object is the combination of paper recycling and utilization of inedible waste of fruit, with domestic growing herbs. We tried to implement this by creating an interactive calendar. Each page of it is made from recycled paper and contains pulverized peel of the fruit we eat that month, as well as seeds of the herb that can be planted at the end of the month.

Apart from the seasonal fruit and the herb of the month, the calendar provides useful information on the nutritional value and health benefits of each fruit as well as on the history of each herb. At the end of the month we cut the piece of the pyramid corresponding to the herb, we place it on the top of a pot full of soil, cover it with a small layer of soil, water it and wait for it to sprout.

presentation boards
design team

Kanellopoulos Stamatis | Artist
Kargiou Eirini-Chrysovalantou | Architect
Mavromoustaki Kyriaki | Architect
Papakrasa Maria | Agriculturist

photos: Stefanos Tsakiris

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