b nat

From the beginning of his creation, man was closely connected with nature. He learned how to use it, but also to respect it by finding a balance.

In this project we tried to attribute the meaning of this balance, through the creation of an object called the “be nat”. “be nat” is a table lamp for interior use, with a wooden frame structurally supported by a concrete pot.

A bidirectional connection is created between these two objects. On one hand, we have the dependence of a utilitarian object from an element of nature. In absence of the pot filled with soil and the plant, the lamp is impossible to balance itself in the upright position, and thus this element of nature is necessary for static and functional reasons. On the other hand, the lamp refers as a source of light, which is essential for the life of a plant and therefore, nature.

The original idea came during the workshop through a lecture referring to design objects that are not balanced. The concept was to create an object that cannot stand by itself and in order to provide balance, we placed a pot with a plant on the base.

The name of the object is based on the concept of balance and nature. It implies an incitement: be nat, be natural.

the wooden lamp needs a concrete pot as a counterweight to stand in an upright position as much as the plant needs light for the process of photosynthesis

presentation boards

design team

Faliaridou Jenny | Artist, Graphic Designer
Kontou Christina | Agriculturist
Pitta Lito | Designer
Zambeli Despina | Architect 

design development & refinement by
Faliaridou Jenny | Artist, Graphic Designer

digital modelling and rendering by 
Savvidou Isaia | Architect, ΜSc Building Technology, MSc Strategic Product Design

photos: Stefanos Tsakiris

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