“Peco” aims to reunite man with the fundamental principles of agriculture: water, soil, seeds, and time. The final product is designed as a full package experience consisting of a watering pot that also contains the seeds and a planting pot.

Originally, the spout of the watering pot is a separate module placed οn top of the receptacle, this way creating a three-part object (spout, main body of the watering pot, planting pot); each one is supplementary and joined to the other in a decreasing volume arrangement from bottom to top. In order to proceed with sowing and watering, the user has to assemble the spout with the containing seeds onto the receptacle’s main body to form the watering pot and to proceed with seed sowing inside the planting pot.

“Peco” wishes to develop the user’s involvement in terms of a daily care activity through watering, a procedure that sets the basis for the plant’s growth combined with the factor of time. The focal point of the concept is the user to become emotionally involved through observing the results of the interaction, arousing primeval instincts.

detail of the peco top
the spout
the planting pot

presentation boards

design team

Korkoriadou Sofia | Artist
Papakonstantinou Maria | Architect
Skaltsari Haritini | Architect
Chioteli Katerina | Agriculturist - Designer

photos: Stefanos Tsakiris

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