meli 6

The inspiration for our design proposal was the great variety of honey types in the Beekeeping laboratory in School of Agriculture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Considering the diversity and the particular color hue of each kind of honey, while standing in this peculiarity, we were inspired to illustrate six different types of honey with six different color shades.

The choice of number six for the honey types was a conscious choice, as it derived from the number of the edges of the hexagon geometric shape, which is repeated in the entire honeycomb.

Regarding the volume of vials hosting the honey, a pear-shaped guttate bottle was chosen, as a symbolic representation of the actual honey drop. Additionally, the base of the bottle is also pear-shaped, creating a relationship of "dependency" with the base, which is made of wood and has six semi global cavities ready to embrace the honey drops. Finally, the classification of the containers is linear in order to emphasize the "color palette" of the honey included within them.

Meli 6 celebrates bio-diversity of colours and tastes in a case containing 6 types of honey on a wooden laser-engraved base

presentation boards

design team

Korkoriadou Sofia | Artist
Papakonstantinou Maria | Architect
Skaltsari Haritini | Architect
Chioteli Katerina | Agriculturist - Designer

photos: Stefanos Tsakiris

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